Take the red pill

Outlaws? Radicals? You go, sis! Bro! Take the red pill. I see a lot of radical beliefs, but professing any particular thought is not as life-threatening or illegal as it once was or is elsewhere. So let’s move on with a few ideas that might also broadcast the message.

1. Don’t buy Christmas gifts. Think we’ve over-commercialized our annual Common Era Anniversary events? Stop feeding the beast. Generosity need not be seasonal.

2. Throw away the pulpit. If you think pastors shouldn’t be on a pedestal, get off the pedestal. We might consider spending less time on the soapbox as well.

3. Spend more on missions. Use your vote, your influence, and your office to direct a higher percentage of church funds to feeding the poor, housing the homeless and healing the sick. Where’s your heart? Hint: follow your treasure.

4. Insert beatitudes here.

You want to be radical? Revolutionary? There was this preacher who proved his God content by giving his life away, because he thought it belonged to God and drew from God’s endless supply He lived like he actually believed the scripture, ignoring the cost, and it was enough to reset the calendar.

Some think he took the blue pill. Others think he didn’t, but his biographers did. I think he had the right ideas, and his biographers gave it an honest effort.

We remember Saint Francis and Mother Theresa not for their opinions, but for their service. A belief is an opinion, but a life of service makes a statement. Did we benefit from their fantasy, or were they operating with a clearer view of reality?

Take the blue pill and have a nice dream, or take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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