In Good Time

Timothy 2:1-7

So brother Paul says pray for all
the governors, lords and kings
That we may worship God in Peace.
Paul says God loves these things.

For it’s in God’s plan that every man
and woman might be saved.
So Paul would pray for rulers all,
don’t ask how they behave.

Now Jesus said we’d all be dragged
before governors and kings
To testify of Him to them —
that’s Matthew, 10:18.

Jesus said obey the Pharisees —
that’s Matthew, 23:2!
Because they sit in Moses’ seat —
but don’t do what they do.

They tax the poor and all the while
go easy on each other.
They take high seats and eat high sweets
and rob their own father and mother!

Woe, scribes and Phaisees, hipocrites, all,
with their glorious prayers, loud and long!
While the law they espouse,
they devour widows houses.
They’re damning will be twice as strong!

Blind guides, Jesus called them,
who swear by the temple
while they honor its silver and gold.
They tithe mint and cumin, but are not illumined
by justice and mercy from old.

If they do good, you know
that it’s all just for show
cause they don’t really know right from sin.
They’re self-righteous vultures,
just painted sepultures.
And they’re full of uncleanness within.

Now that’s what the Lord said,
but He could afford
to rattle a cage or two on his way
from Galilee to eternity, yeah,
Why should He care what church leaders say?

And He had a word
for the civic law, too
with a man who came after his father.
That was Herod of Herod,
Ceasar’s King of the Jew.
Jesus called him a fox and a bother!

And of Ceasar on High,
Jesus gave him his due,
saw his face on the coin to pay taxes.
So just let Ceasar have it,
but make it a habit
to also give God what’s in fact His.

In Romans, 3, Paul said that rulers
are a terror to evil, not to good.
So just do what’s right
and when they see your light
They will glorify God, like they should.

Yes Paul said that rulers
are chosen by God
And they carry God’s sword of correction.
Now these are the rulers
who had Paul in chains.
— not his men in the general election!

And to Timothy, Paul says
to pray for all kings,
That we might have peace in our day.
He said that’s what God wants —
the peace of mankind
Cause the Gospel spreads better that way!

Pray for peacefulness, godliness, honesty,
Cause that’s what our God wants to see.
His Son came to save, and not to enslave,
because God wants his Children to be free!

Now, God’s not saying y’all go start a war
and force everyone to believe.
He didn’t tell us to kill infidels,
Nor to celebrate when they grieve.

No, He said labor for them, like a neighbor,
and treat them like family and friends.
He said don’t reject them, but rather, respect them.
And let your good deeds bring them in.

Now I wonder why we will not testify,
Read our Bibles, or pray to the Man
When the world turns away to pray five times a day
and to memorize the Koran.

The wrath of God! The wrath of God!
This world knows full well how to fear.
The Love of God! The Love of God!
That’s what this world needs to hear.

God grants his blessing on those who seek Him.
Be they Christian, or Muslim, or Jew,
Or Hindi, or Buddist, or pagan, or Sikh
I say God Bless the Agnostic, too!

God’s gifts are his business. But what of his orders?
Didn’t God give us something to do?
“Declare my Gospel to all of the nations.”
Yes, that was his message to you.

But your cross to bear isn’t something you wear,
and it’s more than a word on twenty.
Your cross to bear is to love the unloved.
And to share when the Lord gives you plenty.

So pray for peace. Obey for peace!
Let us pray for our governors and kings.
Let us pray they are vigilant, wise and strong.
So we don’t have to fret over things.

But what of world leaders who seek our demise?
I say we should pray for them, too!
Not for their success, but that God will bless
them with something constructive to do.

For how shall we win them? Not by our might.
Nor with words, no matter how wise.
For words without deeds can only deceive.
They’re a front. A facade. A disguise.

Can our strength protect us from those who reject us?
Drop our guard, and we might pay the cost!
The question becomes have our hearts grown numb?
Or can we still reach out to the lost?

Where others declare God’s wrath, be aware
that the love of God hasn’t been spoken.
That message preceeds us in the life of Jesus,
who said it with deeds, not in token.

Oh, say, did we hear it? That message so clear
that it shook our lives to the core?
Did we pass it along? Or have we heard the song
till we can’t hear the words anymore?

The love of God: Who carries that message
in medicine, water and bread?
Who gathers His chicks beneath her wings?
Who’s clearing the road up ahead?

The Jews have Law. The Greeks have Wisdom.
Pagans have symbols and signs.
What do we have if not God’s love?
What’s our place in this design?

Our place is to love, to feed, to teach,
to encourage, to learn, and to heal.
Our role is to set the captives free,
to enrich, to evolve, to reveal

God’s love for a fallen planet.
In Christ, we are blessed to know it.
But He said by the fruit they will know the tree.
If we follow Christ, we will show it.

Let the world be astonished by our mercy and love
and our selfless and generous giving.
Let the world be puzzled by a joy we can’t muzzle
And amazed by the wondrous life we’re living.

Now they won’t be amazed if we hide in a cave,
And they won’t be impressed by our spite.
And they won’t be impressed by a big candlestick
If it doesn’t give off any light.

And they won’t be impressed if we keep each other stressed
or if we can’t take care of our own.
No, they don’t want our noses in their business
when our business smells funny here at home.

So WHEN will the World know that Jesus is Lord?
When they see him as Lord over us.
And WHAT will the World see when Jesus is Lord?
People faithful, merciful, and just.

And when will this be? And when will we hear
the end of this rambling rhyme?
As Paul said, Christ is the proof sent by God,
In good time, friend, all in good time.

Tropical Sands Christian Church – June 30, 2002

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