2018 Antisonnet One

Maybe I should just be a rapper
Stringing rhymes within my Trapper
Keeper. But never going Deeper.

Maybe I should be a poet
Trying not to let you know it
Matters. It’s just how language shatters.

This one doesn’t count because
The pattern hasn’t found the pause
On paper. It’s just a language caper.

This one doesn’t make the cut
Because it doesn’t take time but
It shows. That’s just the way it flows.

Fools rush in, and now I’m bolder
Than when I was 12 years older
Than a baby. That’s when I said maybe

I should put it in a book,
So I did but now it all looks
Scrappy. It’s just a little crappy.

Words deep fried, cooked in lard,
And drained upon a greeting card
For later. You shread it in a grater

And serve it up with grits and cheese
Then sit around and shoot the breeze
About the story. You can’t take the glory

Because it’s all been driven
By the rhyme that we were given
From the culture. I’m just a language vulture.

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