2018 Sonnet 61

Absolutely. Actually. Really.
You know, um, what I mean to say is this.
Honestly, and, uh, I mean, the deal he
Wants to make with you goes beyond a kiss.

And then, you know, he says, oh, never mind.
I mean, he’s like, well, kinda, like they say.
You know, they always say, he’s, well, the kind
Who won’t give up until he gets his way.

It’s like, you know, it’s like, I mean, they all
Think they know, you know, I don’t know, I mean
He’s like, you know, like one of those you call
The cops on. You know. It’s like, well, obscene!

I know, I mean, you know? Yes, I stammer.
I’m guess I’m, like, subtle as a hammer.

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