2018 Sonnet 64

Them! Yes, all of them! Yes, you know their name!
They always do, always say, never will
Get it right. Lay the blame! They’re all the same!
Yes, them! All of them! It’s a bitter pill.

They’ve got it all wrong! They never do right.
They’re just like those others, just more recent.
They say white is black. They say black is white.
They oppose all that is right and decent.

They’re all taking over! Better watch out!
We’ll soon be outnumbered if we don’t act.
And won’t that be bad? That’s what it’s about.
It’s bad! Getting worse! My friend, that’s a fact!

They battle us, rattle us, make us cuss.
To us “they” is them; to them “they” is us.

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