Let’s BE that downtown church!

You can see our steeple from the center of town. We own the corner, including the Disciples Post and the Slab. There will be a Sale on the Trail on October 22. Clearly, we have advantages the other churches do not have. It is not a stretch to say that in terms of location, we are THE church in downtown Guyton!

God has granted us this great location and visibility. We have unique musical talent, capable of performing completely unplugged, and at the drop of a hat. We have often taken that show on the road, playing at community events, showing up whenever we have an invitation and a place to sit.

On Oct. 22, I propose that we invite ourselves to the Slab, under a tent or tents, to present an unplugged Gospel concert during Sale on the Trail. I propose we set up picnic tables an serve up some of that great Moore Lemonade, close enough to hear the music without amplifiers.

That would be a prelude to a 4 o’clock event in The Depot, where we would share the Gospel in Word and song. The Oct. 23 service would be an especially musical service in the Sanctuary followed by a fellowship meal in the Christian Center.

Sounds like a lot of work. We have frequently turned down these opportunities because it’s too hot, or too much trouble. Usually, we abandon our corner for parked cars. This time, I say we rope off the Slab, strike up the band, and let hundreds of people passing by get a feeling for our hospitality, and our music.

When I got here, there was great excitement over new possibilities – then Covid hit. We have recovered, drawing roughly as many people Sunday mornings as we did before the pandemic – about 70 worshippers when both services are combined. We had one great revival, then another just before the lockdown. But before and after, it was too easy to ignore the crowds.

What would Jesus do? At festivals in Jerusalem, He would use the opportunity to preach and teach. He would feed people. And though He preferred to heal in private, He would not turn aside from those who needed Him.

There’s a festival in Guyton on Oct.22, and it’s on our doorstep. What will we do?

Let your imagination go wild. Maybe a mini-mall of vendors to draw people closer. A table with two elders and a big sign that says “Need Prayer?” Maybe we could mount a giant Chalice on the downtown side of the Christian Center, then say, “Right there! That’s our church!”

A lot of our musicians want an unplugged event. We can do that. Maybe you want to print flyers and hand them out. We can do that, too! What could we do if everyone who wants to grow the church showed up and pitched in? Sounds like a revival to me!

I’m presenting a broad outline of an event to showcase Guyton Christian Church. We’d draw musicians who want to play and people who want to listen – all of whom need to hear the Gospel. It’s good PR for our Gospel Jam and Bluegrass Service.

We have about seven weeks to get ready. That’s enough time, but it isn’t exactly long-range planning. If we all pitch in and apply our best talents, we can make it work. We could go farther, turning the Christian Center and the Depot into rest and cooling stations for the event. Think of the times we said, “What we should have done …” This time, I hope we can do what we “should have done” on so many previous opportunities.

Let’s go for a little “wow” factor: Wow, free lemonade? Shade to sit in? A free concert? Children’s activities? Wow, what a generous and loving church! Wow, that’s how a church SHOULD be! Wow, we might have found a church after all!

If we wanted, we could get on the phone a few days before and throw together a great bluegrass band from our ever-ready pool of talented members and friends. I’ve seen this church throw lavish fellowship meals and receptions with just two days’ notice. If that’s what we can do at the last minute, imagine what we can do with seven weeks’ lead time!

This is bigger than any one person or committee. What do you want the community to think of our church? How can we express that in an event? What can we do to inspire people to consider our church when they’re looking for a church? That’s a conversation for every group, every class, and every committee.

It’s easy to say we don’t have to do this. We don’t have to grow. We don’t have to change a thing. Still, I hear the growing concerns that we aren’t growing fast enough to replace those we lose. Not true, but perception is everything, so let’s have at it!

If you agree that we are not living up to our full potential as a church, then NOW is the time to do something about it!  God honors every honest effort, so fear not! If we draw even one new person to the Sunday morning service, we will call it a win. If not, we still win, because we served the Lord and tried to reach His people.

You (yes, YOU, dear reader!) can do something to make this event a success. A bake sale, a cake walk, an animal display, a vegetable stand, a children’s activity, an art project … Send me an email (pastorjoeltucker@me.com) with your private ideas or concerns. Talk amongst yourselves and see how your circle of friends can work together to promote Guyton Christian Church.

Bluegrass Revival


Enjoy a free concert and get to know
the singers, pickers, preachers & cooks
at Guyton Christian Church


10/22. 4 pm. Guyton Depot
10/23. 11 am. Guyton Christian Church
 plus a host of activities
during the Sale on the Trail. 
All Y’all’s Welcome!

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